This is an Arch Linux packager that applies jakeday’s patches for Surface devices to the Linux kernel of your choice.


First thing you’re going to want to do is to clone this repository:

git clone
cd arch-linux-surface

Before you begin compiling & installing the patched kernel, it’s recommended that you install all necessary firmware that your Surface device needs and replace suspend with hibernate. You can do this by running the script with superuser permissions.

sudo sh

Now, you are ready to begin compilation of your kernel.
Alternatively, you could download the pre-built kernel binaries and skip ahead to the installation section.


To generate the build directory for the kernel, you need to run the script.
The packager will prompt for the target major version of the Linux kernel during configuration.


Once configure is finished, it will output a directory titled build-[VERSION].
Note that [VERSION] is the full version of the kernel and not just its major version.
To build this kernel, use these two commands:

cd build-[VERSION] 
MAKEFLAGS="-j[NPROC]" makepkg -sc

* Replace [VERSION] with whatever kernel version configure outputs.
** Replace [NPROC] with the number of available processors in your machine.

If you are unable to issue this command because of write permission issues, use the following command to give yourself access, replacing [USER] and [VERSION] with their appropriate values:

chown -R [USER] build-[VERSION]


When the build process is completed, under build-[VERSION], you will find these packages:


You can either install them with sudo pacman -U ... or do something else with them.